Document type: Book

Title: The Full-Mechanical System for Protecting the Spinal Cord

Author: Sayed Mohammad Amin Nourian

Publisher: Mehr Publishing

ISBN: 978-967-12341-3-6

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First edition: September 2014



Traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI) is an important disorder that can result in severe neurological deficits in different organs. Traffic accidents are the most common cause of TSCI, followed by falls and sports injuries, which can result in the loss of function, reduced quality of life, and increased morbidity and mortality. In the setting of accidents in which conditions exist that make the spinal column unstable, the inadvertent manipulation of the spinal cord may result in secondary injuries. There are many variations in the techniques used to immobilize the spinal cord prior to arrival at the hospital and when the patient is moved from one hospital to another. However, no exact method for caring for the spinal cord has been developed and approved for reducing morbidities. Therefore, by designing the Protective Spinal Cord (PSC) device, the undersigned hope to solve this problem in the best way and offer beneficial assistance in preventing permanent damage that can result from injuries to the spinal cord.


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